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The LACTOSE fitkit contains all the information and materials needed to perform home testing for LACTOSE malabsorption. Price is inclusive of all materials, postage, handling, analysis and results.



Why You Need A Lactose Breath Test Kit

Eating is not just intended to keep you alive and well. The best meals never fail to induce happiness, elevating your mood to such degrees that you cannot imagine your days without having the same sort of food every day. Unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy all kinds of food due to intolerance. Food intolerance means an inability to digest food, so you may experience some form of discomfort (e.g., stomach ache, joint pain, fatigue, brain fog, etc.) but most cases are not usually life threatening.


The bottom line, though, is to determine if you have any type of food sensitivity because you don’t want to eat something that will eventually make you sick. This is one of the primary reasons why getting a lactose breath test kit would be a good idea. Since lactose intolerance is one of the more common food sensitivities in the world, the lactose breath test kit will help you determine if you, or any of your kids, have it.

Understand Results Without Having To Endure Symptoms

A usual breath test will have you drinking milk or any beverage that contains lactose. Then you’ll have to blow up bags that resemble balloons, every 15 minutes, for two hours. Increased hydrogen levels in your breath will mean that the lactose has not been digested properly, which could indicate lactose intolerance (or an abnormal bacteria in your colon).


Getting this kit could save you from experiencing the usual symptoms associated with lactose intolerance. So you don’t have to deal with nausea, gas, bloating, abdominal pains, and diarrhoea, which can be very troubling when you find yourself in a social event.

Get Your Lactose Breath Test Kit Today

You can get a breath testing kit from a reputable source, preferably one developed by Fitkit experts,  so you’re assured of its efficacy.


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FITKITTM Home Breath Test Kits are an affordable, safe, reliable and convenient way to test for malabsorption of common food sugars like lactose, fructose and sorbitol
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