Food Intolerance Test Kits

Doing a Test

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Doing a Test

Each FITKIT arrives in a discreet reply paid box and contains all the information and materials needed to perform home testing for Lactose, Fructose or Sorbitol malabsorption, or SIBO

Clear instructions are provided with each kit.

Before the test you prepare by following these guidelines:

4 Weeks before:
No bowel cleansing preparations.
2 Weeks before:
No antibiotics or probiotics.
1 Day before:
You follow a simple diet. Guidelines are in the kit.
The night before:
No food after 10.00pm. Water is ok.

On the day of the test:


Do the tests in the morning. You need 4 hours free time. Take a breath sample using the straw and first test tube. Then drink the test sugar provided in the kit. After drinking the sugar, take more breath samples according to the instructions. During the test rest and record any symptoms on the report card provided. After the samples are collected you can eat and drink normally.

After the test:

When the test is done, seal the container with the reply paid sticker and return the samples to FIT Laboratories. On receipt, your samples are tested with state of the art equipment. A report is given back to you within 7 business days to take to your health provider for interpreting and guidance.

FITKITTM Home Breath Test Kits are an affordable, safe, reliable and convenient way to test for malabsorption of common food sugars like lactose, fructose and sorbitol
Gastrointestinal Society of Australia
Paramount College of Natural Medicine
Food Standards Australia
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