Food Intolerance Test Kits


William Ring is the operations manager for Fit Laboratories. When you buy a FITKIT, William is the one who makes sure that the whole process runs smoothly for you, from start to finish. He personally manages the sending out, receipt and analysis of your samples. William is responsible for ensuring that all correct procedures are followed and the highest standards are maintained to give you a fast result that you can rely on.


If you have any questions at all about FITKIT or the status of your order or results, please contact William at any time via email at

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PO BOX 450
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FITKITTM Home Breath Test Kits are an affordable, safe, reliable and convenient way to test for malabsorption of common food sugars like lactose, fructose and sorbitol
Gastrointestinal Society of Australia
Paramount College of Natural Medicine
Food Standards Australia
Irritable Bowel Information & Support